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The story of ACS

Our story

The Establishment of ACS Towbar Systems BV
ACS Towbar Systems, a manufacturer of detachable towbars, was founded in 1997 and initially focused on the manufacture of complete Towbar systems.
Development & production
During 2003 we stopped the production of cross beams and concentrated on just the development and production of the detachable system itself.
The 6000 Generation
In the spring of 2008 our completely new vertical detachable system, the “6000 Generation” was introduced. This State of the Art, slim and automatic detachable system is regarded as one of the best vertical detachable models on the market. The operating mechanism of the “6000 Generation” is self explanatory and easy to use.
Taken over by Brink Group
The success of our detachable systems resulted in a rapidly growing customer base of towbar and cross beam manufacturers throughout Europe and beyond. Our products and quality didn’t stay unnoticed by the larger players on the towbar market, which in turn resulted in a take-over of ACS Towbar Systems by the Brink Group in the middle of 2013. Being part of the Brink Group gave us the opportunity to benefit from their many years of experience and knowledge as a premium quality manufacturer, allowing us to further optimize our systems.
ACS Towbar Systems Today
Although a member of the Brink Group, ACS Towbar Systems has an independent status with our own identity and responsibility for our business plan, as well as our own customer base. With our proven reputation for the highest quality product and supplier performance, we will carry on our mission to stay as one of the preferred premium detachable systems in the market.


Very short lead times, high grade of automation (4 & 5 axle milling) and full robotic machining of the main components of the detachable system. Patented process for connection of forging and ball rod.


ACS Towbar Systems BV has more than 25 years experience in automotive engineering and is owner of 3 international patents. We use high-end software for our CAD design, in-house test facilities for EEC 94/20 tests, 3D-scanning as well as CARLOS testing (3D CAR LOad Simulation). and process-engineering in one department for maximum cost effectiveness. We continuously work on product improvement.

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